• You can pay through our website at the end of the booking form OR We accept cash, debit/credit card or direct bank transfer on completion of the valet.
  • You can simply book online by completing the online booking form , call us directly on +44 7577508780 OR visit us in person at 319 Harrogate Road, Bradford BD2 3SU.
  • NOTE: No need to book for a HAND CAR WASH, simply visit our site. However for valets, select or call us for our Mini Valet, Super Valet or Full Valet packages.
  • We suggest to wash your car properly twice a week, this will help you maintaining the shine of your car and protect your car paintwork.
  • Throughout the winter time it may take up to half a day. In the summer season, drying time can be around 3 to 4 hours, that is why for a Full Valet, we need your vehicle all day in most cases.
  • No you don’t need wait whilst your vehicle is being valeted. Here at Eccleshill Hand Car Wash we will undertake all the work at our site and such the car will be ready at a time that is suitable for you leaving you to carry on your day as planned.
  • Yes, we stock the appropriate cleaning products that will remove road tar from your car.
  • All the products we use are produced by Auto Glym and Auto Smart. Both of these brands have an exceptional marketplace leading selection of products which we love using, also giving superb every time to results.
  • The substances and detergents used are quite aggressive as they are designed to remove the dirt and road grime in the quickest possible time by the rollers. This leaves your paintwork with a huge number of minute scratches from the rotating rollers, that’ll eventually lead to faded paintwork and oxidisation. In case your car has suffered from frequent visits an automatic vehicle wash and you’d like it to appear its best again, either for yourself or, maybe, because you’re thinking of selling it, then let us help.
  • Yes here at Eccleshill Hand Car Wash all our staff are trained to the highest standard.
  • So you should rest assure that your vehicle will be valeted by a competent valeter who has the skills and experience to wash and valet your vehicle safely and to the highest standard.
  • Sometimes we will add a small charge to the cost of a valet, if we feel that there is excess pet hair to remove.
  • This task can add another hour to the valet, sometimes 2 hours in extreme cases, and therefore an excess charge will be made.
  • However this will be discussed prior to any work carried out .
  • A Hand Car Wash usually takes 10 – 20 minutes. A Mini Valet usually takes 30 – 45 minutes. A Super Valet usually takes around 45 – 60 minutes. A Full Valet usually takes 5 – 7 hours – however these times will vary depending on your vehicles condition and requirements.
  • We advise removing as much “clutter” from boot, seats, side pockets & consul area as possible. This includes all water bottles and coins. Remove all valuables from the vehicle. Any “rubbish” left on the floor of the vehicle will be disposed of. Take some time to indicate any damaged areas of the vehicle to the attendant including if the vehicle was recently re-sprayed or any chipped paint areas. Indicate too any areas you wish to pay particular attention to ensure satisfaction.
  • Yes we could offer discounts if you have a few cars and if you would like them done on a regular basis.
  • Yes! You can find our T&Cs here

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