End of the car lease? Want to sell your car quicker and more valuable? Or just bought it and it looks not well maintained with all of the smells, stains, exhausted exterior and deeply stuck dirt all over the exterior and interior? This is the best package for you. For a Full Valet, please book by clicking here.

Whats's Included?

✅ TFR Shampooed (NEW)
✅ Wheel Cleaner Applied
✅ Jet Washed
✅ Snow Foamed
✅ Rinse Waxed
✅ Hand Dried
✅ Door Sills Cleaned
✅ Tyre Shine Applied
✅ Seats Vacuumed
✅ Footwells Vacuumed
✅ Car Mats Vacuumed
✅ Boot Vacuumed
✅ Dash Polished
✅Steering Wheel Polished
✅ Centre Console Polished
✅ Door Panels Polished
✅ Plastic Edges Cleaned With Detail Brush
✅ Interior/Exterior Windows Cleaned
✅ All Mirrors Cleaned
🎁 FREE 500ml Blast Air Freshener
✅ Hand Polished
✅ Seats Washed & Vacuumed
✅ Footwells Washed & Vacuumed
✅ Car Mats Washed & Vacuumed
✅ Boot Washed & Vacuumed
✅ Mats re-dyed
✅ Tar Spots Removed
✅ Exterior Plastics Treated
✅ Dog / Pet Hairs Cleaned thoroughly (If applicable)

FREE Blast Can Air Freshener!

At the end of every Mini Valet you acquire from Eccleshill Hand Car Wash you have an option to pick a powerful long-lasting air freshener of your choice for completely FREE. We have 11 Scents for you to choose from:

Savage, Greed,  Lemon sherbet, Cranberry, Washday fresh, Jasmine, Rada, Bubblegum, Cherry, Fresh linen & Watermelon.

• Lasts for Hours not minutes
• 1 Second Turbo Blast
• Instantly Kills Odours
• Highly Fragranced
• Made in the UNITED KINGDOM

When Was the Last Time you Washed YOUR car seats?
  • We will shampoo all your seats & carpets which will remove staining, water marks, dirt & mould which will rejuvenate them making your Fabric looking like new & smelling super fresh.
  • Odour Removal – odours come in many forms, like from spilled drinks or food. If the spillage is not cleaned then the chances are the bacteria will grow and the odour will start to get stronger & stronger.
Get Tar Off your Car!
  • Over time, tar can pit and damage the paint underneath it. If you ignore it long enough, it’s even possible for the tar to cause discoloration. There’s also the possibility that rocks and other debris get stuck in the tar before it dries, which can chip and scratch your paint.
We remove dog hairs
  • Dogs & dog hairs can also cause an odour in your vehicle, so cleaning your fabric seats or shampooing your carpets will remove the odour. Once cleaned we will apply a chemical to kill any remaining bacteria.
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