The ‘King of Aerosols’ have outdone themselves on this one: Savage is their rendition of a well-known, high-end Eau de Parfum. A radically fresh composition, raw and noble all at once. Radiant top notes burst out with a juicy freshness which then slowly unleashes a powerfully woody trail, lasting for an extended amount of time while it sanitises offending odours to lift the mood and set a tone of opulence in whichever setting.


The 500ml Sovereign Turbo Jet Air Sanitiser is a high performance, high perfume content product, designed to eliminate odours instantly with lasting fragrance. Air Sanitiser has been specifically designed to deliver a high volume burst into both large/small enclosed spaces i.e. cars, caravans, offices, conference rooms, marques, toilets, machine rooms, clothing, footwear, carpets, sofas and much more, be it a home or in the workplace. Air Sanitiser’s unique design achieves this with its turbo valve and actuator, which delivers high volumes of perfume instantly.


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