It has a blast of freshness reminiscent of a mild cologne aftershave. With an invigorating and alluring fragrance that will revitalise and brighten the ambience of the air as it gets deodorised. It then settles for long periods of time with a cool ‘Eau e Toilette’ aroma. Perfect for freshening up homes, offices, conference rooms and foyers of all sizes, lavatories or bathrooms, and the interior of motor vehicles.


The 500ml Sovereign Turbo Jet Air Sanitiser is a high performance, high perfume content product, designed to eliminate odours instantly with lasting fragrance. Air Sanitiser has been specifically designed to deliver a high volume burst into both large/small enclosed spaces i.e. cars, caravans, offices, conference rooms, marques, toilets, machine rooms, clothing, footwear, carpets, sofas and much more, be it a home or in the workplace. Air Sanitiser’s unique design achieves this with its turbo valve and actuator, which delivers high volumes of perfume instantly.


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