Vehicle Washing And Valeting Services In Bradford

Eccleshill Hand Car Wash is a company which is now going to change the thinking of people about car cleaning. Our goal is to provide our customers with convenient Car Washing & Car Valeting experiences blended with the expertised equipment and best-in-class-technology. We only use quality products mainly Autoglym and Autosmart brands. Your cars are pampered by the latest types of equipment including rich car shampoo, foaming machines and so on. Our highly skilled professionals are trained for your car’s care. We have the best team for your car’s interior & exterior washing & detailing. Your vehicle is an important long-term asset and deserves to be treated with a professional level of attention to detail. Our customers are the most important part of our business and the reason we love what we do. Customers feel a real sense of pride when receiving our top-class service. There is something special about driving a car that has been brought back to mint condition and we derive great satisfaction from giving our customers that feeling!


We are located opposite Lidl, Starbucks, Greggs, just to name a few. You can conveniently leave your car and get a wash or luxury valet while you relax and shop or get a bite to eat in one of the fantastic major retailers opposite us. There are countless benefits from our place!


We will provide a 100% honest assessment to the state of your vehicle. You can simply outline the work you want us to professionally undertake that suits your needs and aligned to your budget. We will take care of the rest!

We offer additional add-on services such as headlight restoration, engine bay detailing and lots more. We will never promote services that your vehicle does not require, that is our promise to you!


Our trained team of professionals have more than 4 years of industry experience and guarantee an impeccable service. We also take extreme care to use quality products designed to work with and protect your paintwork. Our team knows precisely what it takes to safely and efficiently make your vehicle look and feel the same as the day of its purchase.

Reasons Why You Should Not Hire Un-professionals?


Unprofessional people will harm your beloved vehicle. We have experienced this because we have seen many cars that have Dirty Cloth Roll Marks created by those who don’t have the knowledge of car washing and end up scratching the Paints and damaging the shine of your car. We at Eccleshill Hand Car Wash have the Best-In-class techniques to make sure that does not happen. Give your car a chance to experience the best wash your car can even have, after that you won’t stop yourself from visiting us again and again.


Cars are being cared for just like humans. Like humans have products that suit them, Cars also have products that Suit their body and are best to apply frequently. Many people commonly use different kinds of shampoos and soaps to wash their car, these products contain Anti-biological properties that may suit your skin but harm the car, this results in Dullness & Swirl Marks on the car just within 6 months of regular practice. Experience the power of Eccleshill Hand Car Wash, Our products are genuine and first-class and most importantly they help in maintaining the shine making your car feel brand new…


Washing your paint with the traditional yellow sponge has now been identified as one of the biggest culprits to damaging your vehicles paint. Sponges will generally trap dirt between the surface of the paint and the surface of the sponge creating a mild sandpapering effect which leads to the fine scratches, surface hazing and swirl marks you see on darker coloured vehicles. That is why we use soft lambs wool and microfiber wash mitts help to mitigate this problem and keep any abrasion to a minimum. We  only use genuine lambs wool wash mitts to clean vehicles.

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